At Tech Wonder Information Technology Company, we aspire to contribute effectively to the comprehensive development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by keeping pace with Vision 2030. We aim to provide advanced technical services and products that support this vision, in the hands of a team composed of the best talents. Nationalism in various specializations in the field of information technology.

Abdullah Al-sobhy

CEO and Partner
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About Tech Wonder

A national company specialized in the field of information technology, providing diverse and innovative services that meet customers’ needs in a comprehensive and effective manner..

We are distinguished by a team with extensive experience in various fields of technology, which enables us to provide customized solutions according to the needs of each client. Our services include custom software development with the latest technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, and technical consulting to improve current systems and streamline operations

To be one of the leading national companies in the technology industry


Developing and providing technical services and products with high quality and efficiency to achieve sustainability


- Manufacturing technical products that cover market needs .
- Providing technical services to the government and private sectors .
- Creating innovative solutions that enhance digital products .
- Development of the digital technology industry .


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Why Tech Wonder

Tech Wonder Company includes a competency of national expertise that aims to develop the infrastructure for digital products in order to ensure their continuity to achieve the goals of the vision and the market, as each digital product is designed based on customer requirements with high efficiency and quality, while giving some instructions to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Our most prominent projects

Developing the strategic plan and technical transformation for Al-Baladi Company For contracting

Design and programming of the Arabic Manah Company website and automation of grant procedures

Feasibility platform ALJDWA.COM

Design of the Islamic University website IU.EDU.SA

Programming and designing an application for selling spare parts

Programming and designing the courses system for the Deanship of Services Community at the Islamic University

Supervising many technical systems and projects

Housing management system

Programming and designing the SELHA application

electronic invoice application BILL-IT